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Some sections of this site broke and then refixed themselves... Others remain broke with view to fixing. Please contact Planet if you find a page or pages that aren't working.
The Contact form, the Guestbook, the Goofshop and the "Report an error on this page" pages have all had their forms removed due to extreme abuse and spam from automated spambots. The "Planet Picks" below are stuck for whatever reason. Working on it. All of these items will still accept contributions - they just have to be manually emailed to us - see the Contact page for the address.

Welcome to Planet Crossroads, the biggest website and resource on the internet for 21st century Crossroads, launching on September 17th 2001. Please see here for further details on Planet.

All items supplied in good faith and in the public domain (images and screengrabs as well as the Crossroads name and brand are all copyright to ITV plc). Remote loading is deliberately blocked - end of story. Please Contact Planet if there are any problems with the site or queries about it. Planet Crossroads is an unofficial website with no official connections, although it was said we were preferred within Carlton over their official site in 2002. So there.

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