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Adam Chance played by Tony Adams

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Adam Chance

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Tony Adams







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Adam Chance

Character Quote:

"I loved your mother. I always did and I always will."

Has always had a vested interest in Crossroads and saw his chance to get back into the swing of things with the return of his ex wife Jill. His other main interests included getting out of debt. He was released from prison on bail for trial in 2002, but the case collapsed due to lack of evidence. About the time of his release, Adam developed a religous streak and his debts spiralled. His actions went deeply religious and he locked himself and Sarah in the church crypt.

Adam returned to Crossroads in April 2001 and was amazed to find his old acquaintance Jill Harvey was still at the hotel. He was found quite regularly in the bar, adding things to his tab

Other times he was trying all sorts of underhand tactics to get Jill/Sarah Jane's share of Crossroads and hence fobbing off bank managers and the threat of baliff action because the shares could help settle his debts.

At Christmas 2001, Adam turned religous and looked to God for help and support and was released on bail but went back to King's Oak, a breach of his bail regulations. Later still, his debts of 80,000 drove him to want to sacrifice himself and Sarah in order to escape everything. Sarah locked him in the church crypt with the sacrifice fire on her escape in a panic.

Adam is a real gentleman and shines alongside Jill Harvey both in and out the hotel. He knows what he wants and will get it in whatever way he sees fit. Normally a patient man, he speaks with money even though he went bust a few years back. Has a tab for the hotel as long as his arm. He murdered Jill Harvey in May 2001 and confessed to Jake Booth after he was caught in the lifts trying to strangle the then Sarah-Jane Harvey (later exposed as a fake).

The personality took a strange turn of direction in January 2002 when he became deeply religious and wanted to die to take himself nearer to his deceased wife Jill. Unfortunately he wanted to take Sarah with him too.

Adam originally married Jill in 1983 and they spilt up in 1987 when Jill left him for John Maddingham (who, incidentally died at the end of February 2001). He remarried Jill on May 15th 2001 when the pair returned to Crossroads. They were married less than three hours before he drowned her in the lake and covered his actions up for the next month.

Is in debt up to and beyond his ears and has spent months, maybe years, digging for a way out, then met Jill Harvey again and her 30% share and saw his opportunity. He was known to own 80,000 at one point and was just never able to pay the debt hence the sacrifice (after his sacrifice in the Church Crypt his body was never found, either he was burnt beyond ashes or he escaped. The fans, in a vote on this website, believe the latter).

It is argued (mainly by veterans of Crossroads 1964-1988) that Adam was not a violent man and would never have murdered Jill even in his dreams.

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