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Colin Wells

Colin Wells

No stranger to the world of TV, Colin Wells, an ex-banker, has been seen in a leading role of The Professionals, which guaranteed him lots of fan mail. Now thanks to Crossroads, he can be seen again to receive lots more fan mail.

Away from the small screen, he has been in theatre in Glasgow and on the big screen in Titus opposite Sir Anthony Hopkins. It was in theatre that Colin met his wife, Joanna Macleod, who is also an actress. They have a daughter, Rachael.

Colin told the Press Pack: "I was in a new version of The Professionals which has been shown all over the world, and Iíve had quite a lot of fan mail for that, although not so much from Britain because it was only shown on Sky. Joining Crossroads is another stage in my career - and one I'm enjoying enormously."

Other TV Work

Colin has been seen in the following productions/programmes:

  • Hollyoaks - Jonno Dean

  • Titus (1999 film) - Martius

  • CI5: The New Professionals (1998) - Sam Curtis

  • Hair By Mr Bean Of London (1995) - Man with ponytail

      This episode of Mr Bean has never been seen on TV and is exclusive to home video. Mr Bean cuts the ponytail off and tries to disguise it with a photograph from the back wall, but the man finds out later and complains to the unaware barber who was on the phone all the time.

  • Cheers (1990) - Eric

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