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Jane Asher is Angel Samson

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Jane Asher as Angel SamsonThe red haired and blue-eyed Jane Asher hails from Marylebone, London. Her birthday falls on April 5th and she is a mother to her three children Katie, Alexander and Rory. Jane has been married to her partner Gerald Scarfe since 1981.

Jane is an businesswoman, writer and actress, although she is most famous for her cake-making business "Jane Asher Party Cakes", which is run from London. She also has her own official website at which concentrates mainly on the cake business. Her first novel, 'The Longing' was published in 1996, with her most recent, 'Losing It' coming out last September.

Charity wise, Jane Asher is the president of the National Autistic Society and also patron of the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Unit at UCH in London. She was also a trustee of Children in Need until 1999.

So what of Crossroads? Well, let's quote the Press Release: "Angel is a fabulous character and a very interesting mixture, very tough and often deeply unpleasant. She gets what she wants, shes scheming and manipulative, but the family unit is very important to her. ... Shes a dream to play and Ive often played characters in my acting career that have a bit of a dark, rather cold side. Of course Ive got my other career, but my life has got many strands. Im delighted to be able to do both things and Ive no doubt well have some cakes at Crossroads!"

Web Link: - Jane's official website on her cake-making business.

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