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Frequently Asked Questions
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The pizza saloon aka The KO cafe

This pizza saloon in Bingham in Nottinghamshire was used as the exterior to the Mark II Café. A shot similiar to this is in episode 2

Where is Crossroads?
As before, set in King's Oak, on the outskirts of Birmingham. No, you can't visit Crossroads. :)

Mark II and III were filmed at the Carlton Studios on Lenton Lane in Nottingham. This production base, built in the mid 1980s under Central Television, claims to be the biggest of its kind in Europe. The set took up two of the bigger studios there full time. Outdoor scenes were filmed in the small Nottinghamshire town of Bingham.

St Mary's Church featured in Crossroads a lot. Also, the buttercross (where Adam proposed to Jill) is in the marketsquare - close to this is a Pizza Saloon, its exterior used as the location of the Knockout Café.

Was Crossroads to replace Home & Away?
No. Night & Day was to be the official replacement for Home & Away after it was moved to Channel 5 although Crossroads was seen to assume this role after N&D production was delayed.
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Is Crossroads 2001/3 the same as Crossroads 1964-1988?
The simularity ends with the Crossroads name. Crossroads Mark II returned with only three cast members from the original series. Jill left in May 2001, Adam followed a month later but returned seven months after that (and was due to return in Mark III) and Doris left in February 2002. Mark III's link to the motel history was a three second close-up of a plaque bearing the text "The Meg Mortimer Suite", although there are apparently plenty of more subtle references as well.

What's the official deal with Jane Rossington, Tony Adams and Kathy Staff?
Jane Rossington did not want to stay with the Crossroads production for an extended period. She was offered a three month contract which she accepted but she was not happy that the Jill character was to be killed off. It's suggested that the whole Louise Dixon thing was created to potentially pave the way for Jill's return to the show although it never happened.

Tony Adams was due to return to Crossroads Mark III in May 2003 but it was not to be. It appears he was offered three months as well at the beginning of Mark II but later was asked to return in what some called a far fetched storyline involving Sarah Harvey and a church crypt.

Kathy Staff quit the Mark II production at the end of 2001 over the amount of sex in the programme. She said that many scenes were "sex for the sake of sex" and that the programme "wasn't the Crossroads I was in originally. That was a happy family show. I was disappointed when I saw the scripts/storylines [for Mark II]. A girl of 16 pregnant right away, didn't know who the father was. Makes it even worse".

When and where was it shown?
Crossroads was initially shown on ITV as a networked programme, meaning it was seen everywhere in Britain at the same time. Please note though that UTV, ITV1 in Northern Ireland, regularly repeated the previous weekday's episode in its lunchtime regional slot having already booked 5:30 for its own regional magazine. For Mark III the only showing was a 5pm one, this was fully networked.
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There were also omnibus editions shown. ITV2 showed a Mark II omnibus on Sundays at 9:25am for most of the run. ITV1 never broadcast a full Mark II omnibus but did show the first two episodes at 9pm on March 6th 2001, treating 4.9m viewers. For Mark III, ITV2 ran the omnibus at about Sunday lunchtime but dropped it towards the end of the run. ITV1 had its own cut-down omnibus that was initially aired on Saturday afternoons but soon disappeared into a late Sunday night slot and eventually vanished altogether.

The show was also sold to the RTE broadcaster in Ireland and also TVNZ, the New Zealand equivalent of Channel 4, owned by the state, for their TV One station. It aired over there five times weekly at 1pm and they had enough episodes to see them to just after Christmas 2003.
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Was Mark II axed?
Mark II of Crossroads, despite what may have been written elsewhere, was never "axed" as such, it was left to play out until the surplus ran out.

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